Keeping your dog cool!

3 free and easy ways to keep your dog from over heating.

On behalf of your fury friend I present you with cheap, easy ways to keep your pup cool.

#1 Let them roll!!!
On a hot day you may notice dogs stopping to roll in dirt, sand or even grass. Usually it is to satisfy an itch they can’t reach or carry a scent only they find appealing. On a hot day it is actually a brilliant way to cool them selves down.

When they roll in dirt it gets in their hair, making it look dull and messy but also allowing air to cool their skin. A shiny slick coat will feel irritating in the heat. So yes, they may not look as pretty, but maybe a bad hair day on a hot summer day isn’t a bad trade off after all.

rolling dog

#2 When and where to walk
Most of us know to avoid walking dogs in the mid day heat, but bare in mind that it takes hours for pavement to cool down. Since dogs walk where they sweat stepping on a hot sidewalk can be painful. Keep them on the grass, or in the shade whenever possible.

Choice shaded parks or a walk in the woods. My personal favorite is a trip to the beach at low tide. The sand is cool and wet, you can explore the ocean floor for miles and as we all know dogs love the new smells.

#3 Damp towel
Let your dog lay on a cool damp towel. It doesn’t have to be soaking; even spraying it with a bit of water will do the trick. Keep pups paws and tummies cool, especially after an outing. Have a damp towel on their bed, on the vehicle or anywhere they like to rest. They will love it!

Of course there is the usual: Keep them hydrated, don’t leave them in the car or any place you would feel over heated. Don’t forget that while your dog may normally want a two hour run they will tire quicker in the heat.

drinking dog

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