We does not discriminate against breeds; instead, dogs are assessed based on behaviour.” 

Dog Hikes

East Van Dogs has an exceptionally high standard for care and safety. We are proud to be the first dog walking business dedicated to East Vancouver. Providing thousands of walks and hikes and no dogs have been lost or seriously injured. 

Within a week, most clients notice a substantial transformation in their dog’s behaviour. Dogs become calmer, resulting in fewer issues at home and on walks. When you return home from a long day at work, your dog will greet you with joy instead of despair.

East Van Dogs has a small and dedicated team that cares deeply for all the dogs in our care. All our dog walkers receive extensive training, are Pet First Aid Certified and have had thorough reference and criminal record check. We do not discriminate against specific breeds; instead, we assess each dog’s behaviour individually. If your dog has aggression issues, is prone to wandering off, or is unaltered, East Van Dogs will gladly provide a private walk.

  • All our dogs are treated with respect, and cared for with patience and persistence.
  • Caretakers have Criminal Record Checks, Pet First Aid Certificates and possess first aid kits as well as cell phones in case of an emergency.
  • Dogs are taken in small groups with compatible canines to provide the best time possible.
  • We abide by all of the Vancouver Animal Controls bylaws and scoop the poop.

Dog Hikes

We provide 1 and 2 hour hikes for dogs who are able to go off leash. Your dog will be safely escorted in a clean, climate-controlled vehicle. Our dogs are never tossed in the back of a truck. We work with each dog to improve their focus, recall and manners. Dogs learn how to kindly interact with other dogs, people, and children without inappropriate barking, charging or jumping. We have a reputation for its well-behaved dog packs in the woods.

Full-time Benefits
  • Hikes Monday – Friday (except stat holidays)
  • Free support from the trainer
  • Goal setting to deal with issues (much like a parent teacher meeting)
  • Discounts on everything!

Dog Walks

Whether your dog prefers a fast pace or a scenic sniff, East Van Dogs customises private walks to meet your dog’s needs. These walks happen on leash around your neighbourhood.

During walks, dogs receive plenty of attention with basic commands to encourage good manners. If your dog needs socialisation, a companion dog can be arranged to join in the fun!

Dog Boarding

While you’re away we’ll arrange to have one of our qualified walkers stay in your home. Your dog can continue walks and/or hikes as usual leaving them far less stressed by being in a strangers home.

Interested in scheduling a dog walk? Get your free consultation.

*Discount given for additional dogs in the same home.