Here are a few comments from some of Momma Jo’s happy clients.

  • Jo Dworschak, arrived promptly at my home to consult and assess my dog. During this initial consultation, she spent a considerable amount of time discussing my ‘wish list’ for him, demonstrated a very clear indication of understanding dogs and their behaviours, and presented herself with enthusiasm, confidence and an obvious passion for her work. She initially took Nate on numerous walks, resulting in a noticeable improvement to his ‘leash skills’, and worked on his self confidence to a point where he is now able to romp happily at off-leash parks, and anxiously awaits her arrival when she takes him on a lengthy hike in the woods with a small group of other dogs. Momma Jo is a natural with animals, soundly professional in her work ethic, a pleasure to chat with, and has enhanced my dog’s enjoyment of life enormously. I highly recommend her, and any dog that is fortunate enough to be in her care is indeed a very lucky dog.–Jodi, owner of Nate

  • I know how much Seger loves his hikes with Momma Jo! Why? He hears her van pull up outside and he races for the door! I can tell he has had a good time, because he is very tired and sleeps so good on the days he is with Jo. And I like Momma Jo because she is reliable and really, really loves dogs…especially my Seger! (No, I know she loves them all.) I would HIGHLY recommend Momma Jo to any dog-lover out there who wants their dog to go out and have some fun.–June, owner of Seger

  • I wanted to thank you for the great care you gave Reilly. She suffers from a mild case of separation anxiety and it’s very traumatic for her when I have to travel for my work. I’ve had to leave her at kennels a couple of times in the past because in-home boarding wasn’t available – when I picked her up from the kennel she was frantic, nearly hysterical and hadn’t eaten. After I picked her up from Momma Jo’s she was relaxed, happy and her usual self. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Momma Jo’s to my friends…and I know that Reilly looks forward to seeing her again.–Ingrid, owner of Reilly

  • I am writing to let you know how valuable you are to me. With out your service I would be very worried about Huney’s health and fitness. I truly count on you to keep her safe and also let me know what is happening with her. I truly appreciate you knowledge and service.–Priscilla, owner of Huney

  • Thank you so much for looking after our Gertie and making sure she stays fit. She is so precious to us and it is so good to know she’s in good hands when we can’t be with her.–Michael & Lisa, owners of Gertie

  • We would like to thank you for the care and training Roman received while we were away. He truly is a different dog! He is much calmer and definitely sharper with his commands. When guests came over the other day, he didn’t jump or bite for attention. He just ran up towards them wagging his. Much better! It seems he really enjoyed the time he spent with you. We appreciate everything you did for him.–Nela & Dino, owners of Roman

  • Jo walks our dog twice a week and he loooves it. He's a large young dog who is full of energy and just wants to PLAY. Jo puts thought into how she matches the dogs she walks to ensure that he gets a good play in, without being paired with another dog who needs a bit more space. He is vibrating with excitement when he gets picked up, and comes home delighted and tired - straight in to say hello, a stop at the water dish, and then a long nap.–Naomi, owner of Jaka

  • Momma Jo has been walking our dog Butler for several years and not only has she kept our girl happy but she has worked to make her a social butterfly. Butler is a rescue and was lacking certain social skills - Momma Jo was able to socialize her and teach her how to interact safely and respectfully with other dogs. She is Vancouver's very own dog whisperer.–Lori, owner of Butler

  • Woof woof! I'm Scruffy and I'm Haddie, we're 3 year old toy poodle crosses and we love our Momma Jo. She takes us on hikes five days a week where we get to run and play with our doggie friends and check out all the sights and smells on the trail. After our hike, Jo brings us back home and we're ready for a nice afternoon nap on the couch. We're both rescue dogs and we didn't have the best manners before we moved to our forever home but our new owner and Momma Jo have helped us to become happy, well adjusted members of the pack. And BTW, Jo knows a lot about doggie behavior, so we can't get away with any sneaky tricks when she's around (although we might keep trying)! We give our Jo five stars. Any dog would be lucky to have her as their walker and trainer.–Fransisca, owner of Scruffy & Haddie

  • Momma Jo has been taking my dog Sasha on hikes for over 2 years. She is a caring responsible individual. She treats Sasha and the other dogs with the utmost care. She is the best.–Mary, owner of Sasha

  • My three little dogs enjoy private walks with Jo, and I feel totally confident leaving them in her care. Besides being very knowledgeable about dogs, she is very organized and very responsible. I know I can always count on her. I would highly recommend her services.–Chris